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Transvision Vamp were a British alternative rock group. Formed in 1986 by Nick Christian Sayer and Wendy James, the band enjoyed chart success in the late 1980s with their pop/punk sound. James, the lead singer and focal-point of the group, attracted media attention with her sexually charged and rebellious image.
The group officially disbanded in February 1992 following a statement from MCA. Wendy James launched her solo career in 1993 with the Elvis Costello-written album Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears.

This torrent contains the following albums @192 kbps:

1. 1988 - Pop Art
2. 1989 - Velveteen
3. 1991 - Little Magnets versus The Bubble of Babble
4. 2002 - Baby I Don't Care (Greatest Hits)

Also included @320 kbps:

Wendy James – Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears (1993)

All songs are tagged & covers are included


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